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Why Men Like Booty

June 10, 2009 by Alison  
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Do you remember dressing up as a princess as a little girl, donning the pink frilly dress and the jeweled tiara for Halloween or a birthday party? We all went through a “princess phase,” although it wasn’t really a phase because we never completely outgrew it. Even as adults, we dream about meeting a handsome prince, being rescued from the hellish dating scene, and living happily ever after in a modern castle with an in ground pool instead of a moat.

But, as you know, real life doesn’t always work out that way. Men don’t always exhibit the most prince-like behavior. Sometimes we have to fend off the dragon and clean the castle by ourselves, and find our own way out of the tower.  Men are kind of clueless when it comes to creating the perfect fairy tale romance and we often wonder why.

Well, I think I’ve discovered the origin of the problem. I went to the store over the weekend and this is what I found:

The suggested theme for a little girl’s party:




The suggested theme for a little boy’s party – not a “Prince” party as we might think – but instead we have this:




We get a pretty lacy outfit, a magic wand, and a tiara.  The boys get rope, an eye patch, and an inflatable sword.  It sort of explains why we spend our lives in search of the perfect fairy tale romance and men spend theirs in an endless search for booty. Copyright © 2009 Alison James