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Go Ahead, Eat That Extra Piece of Pie!

May 27, 2010 by Alison  
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I have no idea how I ended up on the mailing list for these bizarre catalogs like “Home Trends” “Collections Etc.“ and “Lillian Vernon.“  But every month the postman kindly drops several of them in our mailbox and they are addressed to me. 

At first, I was freaked out when I opened one up and saw products like hair nets and denture cream.  I figured someone is playing a joke on me or the universe is trying to remind me that I’m getting older.

But after flipping through a few pages, I was hooked.  These catalogs are priceless gems that provide comic relief like nothing I have ever read before. 

Here are a few of the items featured in one of the catalogs that arrived last week.  After seeing these babies, I am looking forward to eating that extra piece of pie this weekend!