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A Tribute to the Woman Who Brought Me Into this World

July 9, 2010 by Alison  
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Today is my birthday and given I never did a Mother’s Day tribute, I think it’s only right to take a moment today to say “Thank You” to the cool, funny, awesome, and somewhat crazy woman who brought me into this world and supported me through fat and thin. 

She taught me so much but she didn’t teach by preaching at me.  She taught me important life lessons by leaving really long messages on my answering machine.  

And she also taught me by example.  She tried to live her life the way she wanted me to live my own. 

She showed me that a mother’s love is unconditional and encouraged me to reach for my goals.  She taught me that you should never put a pillow over a man’s head when he snores or you might hurt him; that balancing goopy, saucy casserole dishes on top of the fridge is just a bad idea; and, she taught me that when you paint the bathroom, you should never paint all the pipes, the vanity, and the inside of the tub or your husband will get really mad.

And perhaps most importantly, she taught me that it’s never wrong to have your own sense of style….. well, almost never…..

My Mom in the 1970s



My Mom Today


Thanks Mom!

Does Your Mother Get All of Her News and Information from Email Forwards?

mom-computerDoes your mother get all of her information from email forwards?  Does she stay up at night worrying about missing children who aren’t actually missing, or cologne that can be used by criminals to knock people out in parking lots just because she read about these things in emails from her friends? 

Has she replaced whatever notion of U.S. history she learned in school with information she pieced together from emails forwarded to her by people you only know as snookie3522@aol and grammylove2000@hotmail?

If so, you are probably distraught by your mom’s bizarre information sources, but don’t worry.  You can stop her from being indoctrinated further by spam in one easy step:  Just tell her that every time she opens an email forward, a random stranger at an offshore bank can access her credit card information and take a picture of her.  Make sure she knows that this invasion of her privacy can happen even if the email comes from her very best friend. 

Before you know it, she won’t be spamming anyone anymore, including you.