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Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett…Watch Out Hasselhoff, You Might Be Next!

June 26, 2009 by Alison  
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It’s hard to believe two major celebrities passed away on the same day.  Just about everyone is in shock.  I used to love Michael – his awesome music, his funky dance moves, and his idiosyncratic neurotic ways. My mother is currently searching for a photo of me wearing Michael Jackson “stuff” from when I was about ten years old so I can share it with everyone.  The news coverage brings back memories of a simpler time when my friends and I would do the moonwalk at slumber parties and fight over who had the most Michael Jackson pins.

But isn’t Farrah Fawcett getting the short end of the stick here?  Her death got the world’s smallest headlines today. The woman was one of Charlie’s Angels for God’s sake! She was a cultural icon too.  Men loved her. Women wanted to be like her (even if they did hate the fact that all the guys had her poster above their bed).  Countless brunettes had peroxide orange hair in the 1970s and 80s in a vain attempt to emulate her blonde, feathery locks.  She was a symbol of beauty and strength right to the very end.

I think Farrah deserves more front page coverage!  (And it’s not every day that you’ll hear me argue that the hot, blonde with a nice body should get more media attention)

Imagine working your whole life to build your career, and then you die and someone more famous than you dies a few hours later and steals your thunder. If I were her, I would standing in the famed “light” on the other side with my hands on my hips saying “Way to go MJ! You couldn’t have waited 24 hours?”

Below is my little photo tribute to Farrah and Michael.

Any way you look at it, yesterday was a sad day. Two people who touched men, women, and children everywhere passed away and we will miss them both.   Copyright © 2009 Alison James