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One Way His New Job Will Affect You That You Didn’t Think Of

July 16, 2009 by Alison  
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If the guy in your life is looking for a new job, at some point he will ask you for your opinion on where he should work.  As you consider his options, you’ll probably think about how much each job pays, what his responsibilities will be, and the type of people he’ll be working with.  But before you give him your recommendation, there is another critical factor you must consider:  What stores will be across the street from his new office?

Why, you ask?  Well, think back to the gifts he gave you for your birthday, your anniversary, and other holidays.  Do you see a pattern?  He bought all of them at one of the stores near his office, didn’t he?

Men buy gifts at the last minute.  They run out during their lunch hour on Valentine’s Day and buy the last card on the rack at CVS.  They stop on the way home from work on your birthday to buy you whatever they find at the front of the nearest store.   So, if your guy works near a Taco Bell, you can pretty much count on receiving a coupon for a bean burrito for your next anniversary.  If you don’t like bean burritos, you might want to steer him toward that job in the jewelry district.  Copyright © 2009 Alison James