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Men Visit “Peep World” in Honor of Easter Holiday

April 2, 2010 by Alison  
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I’m excited to report that a few days ago I came across an establishment in New York City dedicated exclusively to our yellow marshmallow friends, Peeps!

Much to my surprise, dozens of men were hanging around outside this hole-in-the-wall shop waiting to show their dedication to these little chicks.

It’s always nice to see men getting into the spirit of Easter.  Happy Easter everyone! 


When Men Bake Saint Patrick’s Day Cookies

March 16, 2010 by Alison  
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It’s not every day that a guy bakes Saint Patrick’s Day cookies, but believe it or not, last night it happened. He got out the cookie sheets, a roll of Slice ‘N Bake sugar cookie dough, and went at it.

It was all going fine for a while. Nothing was on fire, the kitchen was still intact, and no alarms were going off. But at some point, the testosterone-filled part of his brain took over and he started adventure-seeking – in the kitchen. I could see the gears turning in his little head, searching frantically for a way to spice up the cookie baking experience.

It all went downhill from there.

I would hear him mumble under his breath “I wonder what would happen if [insert insane suggestion].” And finally he had a bright idea that he put into action. “I wonder what would happen if I baked the green gel right into the cookies instead of putting it on top of them after they cool.”

So, here you have it – a Saint Patrick’s Day sugar cookie…sort of.  He is calling it a “lucky cookie” but it looks like its luck ran out a long time ago.

An Age-Old Mystery Unveiled on Christmas

December 25, 2009 by Alison  
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Have you ever wondered why so many women are attracted to men who are unavailable, sneaky and evasive?  You know the deal – your best friend is completely infatuated with a guy who is never around and rarely calls.  Every now and then, he shows up in the middle of the night without warning and she thinks it is cute.  To make matters worse, the guy doesn’t have a steady job, he’s overweight and he’s obscenely hairy. 

The reason why so many of us fall for this type of man has been a mystery for years.  But if you think about it while listening to Christmas music, you might have the same epiphany I had.  Psychologists often say that we seek out men in adulthood who resemble those men we idolized as little girls, right?  I’m not sure how we could have missed this connection all these years….


Copyright © 2009 Alison James

Give Him the Gift He Really Wants this Holiday Season

November 16, 2009 by Alison  
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The holidays are upon us and that means it’s time to start searching for the perfect gift to buy the man in your life.  Don’t let your guy fool you into thinking he wants a flat screen TV or some other high-tech gadget for Christmas this year.  Deep down inside, he longs for the same warm, fuzzy gift that every man craves: a Snuggie.

I know what you’re thinking, “I bought a Snuggie for his grandmother last year.  How could he possibly want one too?”  But you see, the male Snuggie is not the same as the one loved by elderly women everywhere.  It looks the same, and feels the same, but the masculine words “Lodge Wrap” on the package make it manly enough to appeal to even the most macho guy you know. 

Just look at how happy this guy looks using his Lodge Wrap. Don’t you want your guy to be this happy on Christmas morning?



(from the Terry’s Village catalog. terrysvillage.com)

So this year, forget about the iPhone accessories and DVDs, and instead, get him the gift that says “I am a woman who truly understands your needs.”  Buy him his very own Snuggie and make this a Christmas he’ll never forget.  Copyright © 2009 Alison James

What is so Fun About “Fun Size” Candy Bars?

October 30, 2009 by Alison  
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Drag out your giant bags of Halloween candy, if you still have any left, and check out the packaging.  Do any of the bags you purchased say “Fun Size!” on the front?  Does anyone have any idea what this term means?  What is so darn fun about “Fun Size” candy bars?

We all know from experience that it’s certainly not fun when you have to unwrap 25 of those tiny little suckers to feel even remotely satisfied.  They are so small, that if you sip water with them, they slip down your throat like a vitamin. 

There is nothing fun about trying to shove all of those wrappers in your pocket at a party so people don’t notice you’ve been eating fun size candy bars all night. 

It is definitely not fun when someone eats all the good ones and you get stuck digging through a giant bowl of Charleston Chews trying to find the one Kit Kat they missed on the bottom. 

And there couldn’t be anything less “fun” than watching someone eat just one and walk away.  Meanwhile, the rest of us stand near the bowl like junkies saying “I’m just going to have one more Reese’s peanut butter cup…seriously, I really mean it this time.”

It’s tough to figure out what the candy marketers were thinking when they decided to call these menacing little treats “Fun Size.”  A fun size candy bar to me would be one too big to fit in the front seat of my car.    Copyright © 2009 Alison James