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  1. Linna says:

    P.S. You have the same beautiful smile as your mother’s…=)

  2. mom says:

    thank you for a wonderful 36years and I am looking forward to the next 36–yes I plan on being around –I love you!!!

  3. mom says:

    thank god for our women friends and daughters to listen to our frustrations

  4. mom says:

    you can’t stop me:):)

  5. joy says:

    I ALWAYS wondered where you got your sense of style! Excellent!!

  6. Ripper says:

    This was one of your best posts yet. Great insight.

  7. tonilaw says:

    Woman don’t need to feel like they have to have a man to feel complete. They should learn how to feel complete within themselves, and a supportive man is just a bonus.

    If he needs to know where you are at every moment, or you feel the same way about him, there is no trust – and if you can’t trust someone you can’t love them. It’s an insecurity in the person who needs to be so close.

    If he needs to belittle you to make himself feel important you lose your self-esteem and start to believe you are what he makes you feel.

    In any of these situations – run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!

  8. tonilaw says:

    It’s frightening that the lowest form of our society seems to be made role models.

  9. Tyler says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. None of the artists today have any real talent.


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