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The Sweet Smell of Our Culture on the Decline

August 22, 2010 by Alison  
Filed under Alison's Blog, Entertainment

jerseyshoreI just read that Mike from the show Jersey Shore is launching his own “fragrance.”   The trades are referring to it as the Situation Cologne or “The Sitch” for short.

On some level, that cologne sounds appealing if it does what the name implies and changes to fit a man’s situation– becomes less pungent when he enters an elevator or any small public space so the rest of us don’t have to smell him, becomes stronger when his body odor kicks in to mask his personal stench, and turns into a bug repellent when he’s outdoors, thereby saving everyone in his vicinity from mosquito attacks. 

Imagine if you could give the situation cologne to your boyfriend for his birthday, and it would suddenly smell really crappy when he was around other women, thereby warding them off.  

If “The Sitch” does anything along these lines, I say “bring it on Mikey.”

But I am pretty sure this cologne is not going to do be that inventive and useful.  My guess is that it is simply going to smell, like Mike wants it to smell – and tha’ts a scary thought to me.   Because Mike and his fellow cast members have way too much pop culture power lately.  They are already all over the TV.  And a few weeks ago they rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.  Now they are launching a product line and telling people what to wear?   I mean, seriously? 

Something about the cast of the Jersey Shore infiltrating every aspect of our culture just smells funny to me.   There is more to life than “Gym, Tan, Laundry,” isn’t there?

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One Response to “The Sweet Smell of Our Culture on the Decline”
  1. tonilaw says:

    It’s frightening that the lowest form of our society seems to be made role models.


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